Aimed at growth from the outset

The first reproplan companies were established in Cologne and Frankfurt am Main over 30 years ago. Initially specialised in reprography services for architecture and engineering offices, they have remained a reliable partner for the construction and real estate industry to this day. In parallel with this, the range of services was gradually expanded to take in new groups of customers.

With the increasing use of CAD programmes since the end of the 1980s, reproplan and its customer target groups embarked on the conversion to the digital age. Blueprints and the drawing board were gradually replaced by intelligent computer technologies. Reproplan companies are thus amongst the pioneers for small and large-size CAD plotting services and digital printing.

In addition to the pure printing area, reproplan also offers today’s customers numerous other services that complement the portfolio to perfection. These include planning data and document management, archiving, scanning service, image service and various online tools for convenient order processing. In this way, reproplan considers itself ideally equipped for the future. Further network locations are in the pipeline.

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