ePos: arguments in favor of using

Our arguments in favour of using ePos

Working offline: Use the client version to reduce your dependence on having a permanent internet connection.

Working online: Simple access to the project space using standard browsers.

Central database: All project participants are always up to date.

Administration of various file formats is implemented as standard: pdf, plt, dwg, dxf, tif. Bar schedules can also be added.

Maximum failure security through multiple back-ups. The servers are redundantly available in air conditioned rooms.

High bandwidth for fast access, even with large data volumes.

Easy operation and short familiarisation time through intuitive menus.

Reduce construction costs: Considerable resources are saved, as the complex procedures for supplying everyone involved with the latest information are done away with.

Office licence: You only pay once for each participating office, even if, for example, five employees need to access the project space.

Plan coding ensures the unambiguous identification of the plan and the submitter. Only correctly labelled plans can be placed on the system. Outdated plans are automatically moved to the archive.

Automated plan import: Even extensive data packages can be made available in the project space with a few clicks and no delay (client version).

Automatic messaging to project participants when new plans are submitted to the system.

Automatic plan distribution: For example, plans with a new index can be delivered immediately to the construction site on request, thereby avoiding costly errors.

Extensive schedule control ensures exact compliance with specifications and provides information on violations.

Plan evaluation cycles ensure that the plans to be evaluated are automatically forwarded to the correct project participant.

Detailed log of all accesses. Users are identified by means of a personal User ID.

Extensive reports on accesses, incoming/outgoing plans, print orders, etc.

Extensive plan lists are generated at the click of a mouse.

In addition to the plans, all of the correspondence, such as logs, surveys or concepts, can be made available in the project space.

The integrated viewer allows to add comments to drawings and apply evaluation entries (optional).

Free hotline.

ePos information for download

ePos – Product information (PDF, English, 1.0 MB)

ePos -Project list (PDF, German, 2 MB)

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