Large format from DIN A3+ to XXL

For really big tasks

From posters to large dimension advertising banners. For the large-size printing of DIN A3+ to XXL, you will find the very best in digital printing solutions at reproplan.

Printable materials

  • Paper, paperboard, corrugated paper
  • PVC/textile banners
  • PVC mesh vinyl
  • Self-adhesive films (white, transparent, translucent)
  • Window films (with motor vehicle type approval)
  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Aluminium composites
  • Metals, perforated sheets

Further processing options

  • Contour cutting (decals)
  • Contour milling (displays)
  • Hot laminating, or cold laminating with protective films
  • Welding of segments and strips
  • Seaming, eyeing, tunnelling
  • Gluing to motor vehicles, display windows, boards

Application examples

  • Photo and art printing
  • Trade fair, shop and exhibition construction
  • Stage sets, scenery, decorations
  • Vehicle advertising
  • Floorminders
  • Individual furniture and doors
  • Displays and large-size posters
  • Photo wallpapers, also with personalised images

For more information, see the Printed Advertising section

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